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Video alarm

Modern alarm systems assure fast response to threats by operating on a range of layers. this is also the way the Konsalnet VideoAlarm offered by our security agency operates.

Effective alarm system

Konsalnet’s VideoAlarm is a modern alarm system that enables the following:

  • verification of alarms using camera image;
  • construction of a wireless alarm network;
  • a range of additional functions that enable expansion of protection system and its adjustment to individual requirements of each Client.

VideoAlarm may be easily integrated with the classic, previously installed alarm system in the building.

The system enables (optionally) video transmission over the internet. In this manner, if the alarm goes off, the real estate owner can remotely check the status of the facility – e.g. while on vacations.

VideoAlarm: reliable alarm in a building

A wireless alarm central unit that enables connection of cameras and motion detectors is the heart of the system.

Should the alarm go off, the system of cameras (equipped with night vision option) is started for 10 seconds to send the image from the protected area to the dispatcher of real estate owner. This enable to immediately verify the situation in the protected facility, specify possible threat, or consider the alarm as false. Should the intervention be necessary, it is started very quickly and enables to eliminate the risk.

What is important, sounding the alarm does not result in a threat related to the necessity of verifying the situation by persons present in the area – the camera image is sufficient to that end. This optimises both quality and cost of facility protection assured by our security agency.

Increasing security with top secrecy

As opposed to simple CCTV systems that do not guarantee privacy of users and can be used in industrial or retail facilities, the VideoAlarm starts only in case the alarm goes off. It is not possible to observe the real estate without sounding the alarm. Thus, this is also an ideal solution for individual Clients.

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