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Emergency services

Paramedic and first-aid activities


The task of Paramedics is to organise and provide help to victims. Events that endanger life or health of people are always different. They may refer to one person or several people, may be characterised with a various degree and scope of injuries. There are no identical accidents or ready-made procedures.

The law on the State Medical Rescue introduced a new profession – a Paramedic. Education and rights of Paramedics are based the Anglo-American model (Emergency Medical Service) after adaptation to the Polish reality of operation of the system of education and health protection. Paramedics whose services are offered by our security agency are equipped with state-of-the-art gear,, among other things, ambulances that meet the requirements of EU standard (DIN EN 1789)


In pre-hospital rescue, covering operations in the scope of medical rescue, medical transport should play a significant role. The transportation team, consisting of at least two persons authorised to provide qualified medical assistance, equipped with modern means of transportation, means of communications and medical equipment is a standard in our work. Medical transportation teams may operate all over Poland or participate in unitary events, or mass events, providing specialised, medical transport as necessary. Such services are provided by, among other things, our security agency.


It appears from the experience of personnel dealing with the subject in a range of companies that majority of personnel, in spite of theoretically passed training courses, are not able to practically provide first aid and properly respond to threats that occur at work (assaults, disasters).

In an attempt to satisfy this demand and taking into consideration very high standards required in rescue operations, as well as using the very high technical level of educational equipment, our security agency offers the training in the scope of:

  • first aid;
  • qualified first aid;
  • rescue training in the scope of mass disasters.


The number of threats and events that require rescue operations by chemical rescue units has been constantly growing in recent years. To prevent and rectify the effects of such threats, wide reconnaissance and prevention operations are carried on, system organisational solutions are implemented and chemical rescue services are improved to enable them to conduct effective rescue operations.



  • prevention and liquidation of chemical threats in industrial facilities;
  • operations in situations that require immediate response;
  • cooperation with the state Fire Services;
  • conducting particularly hazardous work, among other things, elimination of tank leaks, pumping fuels, removal of oils and chemical substances.


Together with chemical and medical rescue services, fire rescue services form the integrated security system in industrial facilities. Its structure includes Fire Rescue Unit with vast practical experience. Demands concerning this unit are particularly high.

It is equipped with special, heavy-duty vehicles, gear that assures effective fire extinguishing operations and fire-fighting measures that are seldom used in typical fires.

The main tasks executed by the Fire Rescue Unit include:

  • identification of fire threats;
  • organisation and conducting rescue operations during fire;
  • supervising observance of fire regulations.

More information available upon contacting Konsalnet.

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