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Banks, large shopping chains, and numerous companies operating in other sectors handle large amount of cash on everyday basis. Received from the Client, it must be securely transported to the location where other activities will be performed. Sometimes transport of non-cash assets – e.g. arts, important equipment, and other elements – is also necessary.

Security of such transports is never compromised. We need reliable and efficient protection. Do oud need one? Konsalnet is a leader of the Polish market of ash and cargo convoy services.

Convoys of cash and non-cash assets based on the best standards

Konsalnet, as an experienced partner in the security sector, provides a full scale support during professional convoys. We provide the services of transporting cash and other assets on our own or we provide protection of employees carrying such assets.

We offer:

  • cash and non-cash assets convoys;
  • transports of assets based on collection, in accordance with the separately agreed protection procedures;
  • protection of transport of valuable items – including works of arts or hazardous items and non-typical assets, including large-size items.

Why Konsalnet?

  • We run convoys, among other things, for banks (cash to ATMs), the largest commercial chains, and for smaller entities on the daily basis – we run over 140,000 cash transports per months.
  • We use the latest, uniform car fleet on the Polish market for transportation tasks. We have specialist armoured vehicles – over 430 specialist cars – mainly Mercedes and Volkswagen.
  • All vehicles used in convoys meet statutory requirements and comply with additional certification conditions of the Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT). They are equipped, among other things, with GPS systems, enabling exact monitoring en route.
  • Our team comprises experienced employees who can effectively use all personal protection measures, taking care of security of valuable items entrusted to use.

Get more information on our convoys. Come and visit us to talk to our experts!

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tel.: (22) 560 50 00
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