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Cash processing

Cash processing for banks and other institutions

We offer comprehensive, specialised services in the scope of handling cash for banks and other institutions, shopping chains, companies, and individual Clients. Konsalnet is an unquestionable leader of this segment in Poland.

Cash processing from A to Z

We provide comprehensive cash processing services. Handling cash starts in convoys of cash between particular branch offices of the Client and appropriate cooperating entities (the National Bank of Poland, cooperating banks, bank Clients, etc.). Convoys are effected in specialised, armoured vehicles, and asset protection is guaranteed not only by the qualified team but also thanks to advanced technologies. We also offer sorting and registering od cash, verification of money authenticity and counting, and registering cash in Client’s accounting devices.

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Thanks to the network of our own sorting plants, using the cutting edge technologies, we can offer automated cash handling processes. We run regular tests of specialist devices that support cash handling – among other things, ATMs, cash deposit machines (CDM), specialist equipment used to count, sort, packs, verify authenticity of, and re-count cash. Due to execution of a large number of contracts with Clients in the banking sector, Konsalnet is subject to the regulations of the Financial Supervision Authority.


Does your company use large amounts of cash on everyday basis? Make it comfortable “from A to Z” at minimum effort. This is possible due to innovative Konsalnet cash deposit machine: safe, simple, and multifunctional. Your cash will always be under control with us!

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